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GetSysinternals Home Page

GetSysInternals is a set of two batch scripts and three free tools to simplify and streamline updates of SysInternals utilities.
Developed by David Vidmar

  • 21 April 2008 - Version 1.3 released
    • Updated tools list. 3 new tools.
  • 18 May 2007 - Version 1.2 released
    • Updated tools list. Some new tools, some renames and several removed.
  • 17 December 2006 - Version 1.1 released
    • fixed annoying situation where destination folder needed to be a simple folder name without spaces
    • user can now choose to update complete suite or predefined essentials or create own list of tools
    • added self extracting release

Installation & usage

Download and extract in folder. Open download.bat and set a few setting described there:
  • which list of tools to use (full, essential or custom)
  • target folder for installation of downloaded tools
  • email address and optionally SMTP server for notification after updates
  • run download.bat to verify that everything works and download chosen utilities
  • schedule download.bat to run regularly

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